Tell me if this sounds like you, Sister:

  • You’re at war with your weight, how you feel, and your reflection in the mirror 
  • You know God needs to be in your weight-loss solution, but you don't know how to invite Him in
  • You’ve adapted your lifestyle.  You've counted the calories, point, and macros.  And you're still stuck at the same dead end feeling confused and hopeless
  • You’re exhausted from obsessing over your weight: the 24-7 thorn in your that never lets up
  • Your all-or-nothing approach to wellness feels like a rollercoaster and it's consuming and overwhelming
  • You’re either 100% gung-ho ON your plan, or you’ve fallen OFF the wagon and landed right into the same old ditch - again :(
  • You’ve heard you should, 'be transformed by the renewing of your mind' a million times.  You wish you knew how this applied to weight loss
  • You feel like no one understands how massive your burden is

Sister- what if you had a step-by-step process to renew your mind for weight loss so that spending hours googling your next fad diet became a thing of the past?


The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W. Recipe

A compact, faith-fuelled workshop series to help you renew your mind so that you set the stage for permanent weight loss.

$197  $47


Right now your biggest struggle is that you’ve tried everything under the sun to lose weight.  

  • Imagine if 5 days from right now you’d mastered a repeatable renewal recipe that will bring faith, fun and sanity into your weight-loss journey
  • Imagine if you transformed your mind with the right mindset for weight loss 
  • Imagine how much easier permanent weight loss would be if you took -just 5 days- to renew your mind with powerful Biblical truths and a proven system
  • Imagine if 5 days from now you woke up feeling confident, filled with strength and dignity, renewed in mind, body and soul, on fire to achieve your weight-loss goals

If this sounds like heaven to you, what you'll discover inside The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W Recipe™ is the answer you’ve been praying for....


The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W. Recipe™ is the digital workshop series for you if you crave permanent transformation.  It will give you the renewed mindset you need for permanent weight loss. 

No fluff, no nonsense - only a proven system to renew your mind for weight loss.

You can easily work through the digital series in 5 days, or if you’re super keen, you can work through it in an afternoon.  

Your choice, Sister.

My Story

I’m a Certified Life Coach and Christian Weight Loss Expert. For the last 5 years, I’ve helped women from around the world - from Ireland to Indiana - overcome their weight struggles with faith, fun and sanity so that they lose weight for the very last time.

My weight issues ruled my life for 25 years.  After losing 10 pounds on a detox only to gain it back in about 10 minutes, I knew a diet would never solve my problem. 

I’d been dieting since I was 14 and had no clue know how to live without one.

I went on quest - that cost me over $50, 000 and 5 years - to find the answer to this ONE question: How do I lose weight without a diet? 

Nothing worked permanently.  So I became a life coach to see if I could coach myself out of my struggle.

Life got better.  I weighed less, but the mental struggle still remained.  I didn't trust myself without the framework of a diet, so I never imagined actually living free from one.

I’d run out of time, money and options.  So I turned to God.

Once I understood how to combine Biblical truths with powerful coaching tools - I lost 35 pounds 4 years ago and continue to live at my natural weight with faith, fun and sanity.  No fear of the future, or future weight gain.  And now I teach women how to do just that.

I show you the exact system I use to, 'be transformed by the renewing of my mind' in The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W. Recipe™.

I created this workshop series to save you time, heartbreak...and money.

Inside The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W Recipe™...

I’m taking you to the beginning of where ANY transformation begins - through renewing your mind.

And I’m sharing this goodness right now because, given the situation the world is in, we need women -now more than ever- to boldly live the life God is calling them to, without the distraction of a weight issue.

It's a brand new year - NOW is the right time.

Sister! Trust me, I know you've tried everything, but you haven't tried The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W. Recipe™!


Intro Video: The 4 Mindset Power Tools

...say buh-bye to the lies keeping you stuck, say hello to 4 mindset power tools (packed into one PDF) so that you can use them to renew your mind anytime, anywhere.

Day 1 Video: Your S+D Identity Statement

...this video will make new habits a breeze because you'll renew your identity with ONE powerful scripture.  A whole new world of possibility will open up for you when you discover how to apply this scripture to your weight-loss journey.

Day 2 Video: The Enter His Gates Shift...'ll learn how to transform your brain to focus on what is good, so you get victory, AKA more of what is good.

Day 3 Video: The True Thought Technique

...will give you a Biblical filter and a simple system to get your thoughts working FOR you so that weight loss becomes simple and easy.

Day 4 Video: The 'Be Her Now' Vision Strategy’ll discover how to leave your failures behind you so that you can 100% envision the future you, at your future weight.

Day 5 Video: The 1% Rise to Renew Method this game-changing philosophy so that you create consistent transformation, without all the overwhelm.

Finale Video: The Wire to Renew Template

...all your discoveries will be brought together into 1 template so that you can quickly and easily renew your mind for weight-loss victory, everyday.

2021 is Calling...

The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W. Recipe™ is worth 10 or even 20 times what I’m charging right now.

After all, it’ll help you renew your mind for weight loss so that you see changes in yourself ASAP.

I made this a no-brainer price for you, so that the world gets the authentic you, without the weight drama.

I don’t want you to renew your mind someday this year, maybe if your resolutions don't work out...I want you to do it TODAY.



I've got good news...

This digital workshop series is right for you if you're open to a faith-based approach to renewing your mind for weight loss.

Whether you’re a high-school teacher, artist, entrepreneur, multi-level marketer, or full-time Mom, this was designed for the woman juggling all the things - That's YOU!

How Does This Work?

Step 1: Grab your digital copy of The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W. Recipehere.

Step 2: Check your inbox for your login info so that you can jump into the program portal and get started today!

Step 3: Watch each video, in order so that you get the best results possible.

Step 4: Renew your mind for weight loss with my super-simple, super-powerful faith-based plan.

Imagine how YOUR life will look when in just 5 days from today you'll...

  • have a repeatable system so that you start in the RIGHT PLACE for weight loss - renewing your mind
  • wake up full of confidence knowing you’re losing weight for the last time
  • feel full of energy, ready and expecting your weight-loss victory

Now’s the time to renew, Sister!

The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W Recipe is the perfect workshop series so that you renew your mind for transformation.


The 5-Day R.E.N.E.W. Recipe™

Now just $37

Lock in this low price today!

You'll get immediate access to:

  • The Mindset Power Tools ($17)
  • Your S+D Identity Statement ($27)
  • The Enter His Gates Shift ($27)
  • The True Thought Technique ($47)
  • The 'Be Her Now' Vision Strategy ($47)
  • The 1% Rise to Renew Method ($37)
  • The Wire to Renew Template ($17)

You get over $200 in value when you get started today!